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Round Lake Beach, IL Dog Boarding

Embarking on a trip without your four-legged companion?  Going away for a day or two for business?  Doggy Days Dog Boarding in Round Lake Beach, IL provides VIP boarding with 44 spacious suites, exciting activity add-ons, treat services and more! Enjoy your well-deserved vacation knowing your pet is in excellent care.

Our Dog Boarding Suites feature cozy blankets and luxurious beds, providing a serene environment ranging in size from 4’x6’ or 4’x12’ to comfortably accommodate single or multiple dogs of all sizes.  Our mission is to provide a safe, fun, and happy place for your dog to stay time and time again

  • Crate Free Dog Boarding – Suites up to 12 ft. Long

  • Safe & Spacious Private Boarding for Every Dog

  • Fresh & Filtered Water Replenished Frequently

  • Added Comforts to Keep Your Dog Cozy 

Safest Dog Boarding Day Care Round Lake Beach, IL

ALWAYS SAFE, secure & clean

dog boarding in round lake beach, ILLINOIS
Safest Dog Boarding Day Care Round Lake Beach, IL

Welcome to the Safest Stay in Town

Although your dog may consider it a favorite place, leaving your dog at home without you poses potential risks, even with a designated caretaker. Our dedicated team at Doggy Days ® is well-versed in emergency pet care and adheres to rigorous safety measures, providing assurance that your pup is in a secure environment.

Maintaining a clean environment is paramount to ensuring the safety of our boarding dogs.  We follow a meticulously enforced procedure to guarantee the cleanliness of our facility.  Every day, all common areas undergo a comprehensive sanitization process, ensuring that play areas, toys, and training equipment remain hygienic.

  • All Staff Trained Emergency Protocols 

  • Daily 5 Point Safety & Wellness Check

  • Anti-Microbial Canine Turf for Extra Protection

  • Double Fencing for Safe & Secure Outdoor Play

  • Pharmacist Owned.  The Standards are High.

deluxe dog boarding

longer play times & social engagement



Our Deluxe Dog Boarding is a great solution for social dogs who enjoy longer play times during the day.  Along with multiple potty breaks, your dog will enjoy the benefits of a full day of day care play with other social dogs. This is perfect for the dog who needs to burn off more energy and loves being around other social dogs.

Your dog must be socially accepting of other dogs to engage in this lodging type

SOLO dog boarding

Personalized for Your Independent Companion



Solo Lodging is our option for dogs who are shy, fearful, reactive, or who just don’t enjoy social engagements with other dogs.  Instead of forcing them into situations they don’t enjoy, we have a solution that allows them to be comfortable in our facility.

This lodging type will include multiple potty breaks along with 1-on-1 attention from staff.  We’ll ensure that your pet feels safe and connected with us while here.

dog boarding add-ons

your dog will love the extra fun!



These add-ons can be selected by owners and are $15 for each session. Client may choose to have any of these daily, or a la carte.

Private Dog Boarding Round Lake Beach IL

Private Play Session

During this 15–20-minute session, staff will engage your pet in his/her favorite play along with some awesome 1-on-1 attention.  During this time, your pet will receive all the attention and play they enjoy with our committed and engaging staff.

Dog Boarding Activities in Round Lake IL

Treadmill Time

Dogs LOVE treadmill time.  During this 15–20-minute period, staff will engage your dog on a Doggy Days ® treadmill to help burn off excess energy and to provide a great time of engagement with our team of pet care professionals.  Each session is a 1-on-1 event with staff who are properly trained to ensure your pet gets the safe and rewarding burn off of energy!

Best Dog Kennel Round Lake Beach

TLC Session

Maybe your dog doesn’t enjoy play time or treadmills!  Our Doggy Days ® TLC Session is just what the doctor ordered to give your dog 15-20 minutes of cuddle time 1-on-1 with our staff. Most dogs love getting the attention, and this will help your dog to feel more connected to our team and facility.

The Best Dog Boarding Round Lake Beach IL

Enrichment Session

During this Doggy Days ® enrichment session, your dog will engage in doggie brain games such as treat puzzles, sniffle mats, sensory games and more.  This 15-20-minute private session with staff is designed to break the monotony of the day and engage your dog in motivating and stimulating enrichment activities with our team.

"little extra" add-ons

the little extra's go along way!



These add-ons can be selected by owners and are $5 for each. Client may choose to have any of these daily, or a la carte.

Dog Enrichment

Ice Cream Treat

After a long day of play, indulge your furry friend with our delightful Ice Cream Treats for Dogs! Crafted with canine-friendly ingredients, these frozen delights provide a tail-wagging experience!

Dog Enrichment Fun

Turndown Service

Storytime reading, biscuit at bedtime, and tuck-in by one of our loving staff members. We snuggle with your dog just before lights go out at night. There is a place like home!

Dog Enrichment Activities

Rest & Relaxation Drops or Chews

A pharmacist recommended CBD hemp oil which promotes a calming effect and reduces stress.  Medication administration: We have best practices on medication administration for all our staff. Doggy Days is a pharmacist-owned business, so you can rest assured that all your pet’s medication, vitamins, and supplements are being administered on time and as directed. There is no extra charge for medication handling and administration.