Doggy Training

We are happy to be able to offer dog training to our customers! We have several options available, that our knowledgeable trainer can talk over with you to see what would be the best fit. Here we focus not only on basic commands in obedience training but also on ensuring that your pup understands how to gain self-control. Our trainer, Alysa, can help you teach your dog how to work on improving their manners, hold their obedience commands longer/through distractions, work through anxiety or aggression issues, redirect the need to chase/bite/jump in a constructive way, how to help you keep your dog from getting into things at home, fun tricks, and so much more! If you have a puppy under four months, we have a program dedicated to setting them up for success in life and helping them to avoid growing up and into those common behavioral problems.

Our first step will be a 30-minute in-person evaluation ($25 registration fee) so that we can talk about what your struggles with your dog are, and how we can help you achieve your goals. Dog training takes dedication and consistency! You can talk with your trainer and discuss which of these programs would be the best fit for you and your dog..

Training Programs for Adolescent and Adult Dogs (4 months+):

  • Board and Train: During your dog’s boarding stay with us, your dog will receive daily training by our experienced trainer in order to teach a strong obedience training foundation and work through his/her behavior problems. Your pet will have designated times to play in our daycare groups. In the evenings, your pup will be able to relax in a luxury kennel. Our facility is staffed 24/7 for the safety of your pets. Upon pickup, you will receive a private meeting with the trainer to discuss how you can continue training at home and a summary of your dog’s accomplishments during the week. Board and train program is priced at $900 per week.
  • Drop-off Day Training: Our trainer will be working with your dog throughout the day on basic manners and obedience skills. This is available in a package plan, which can be spread out between two weeks. Morning drop-off (8-9 am) and evening pick-up (4-6 pm). Upon evening pick up of each session, you will receive a brief one-on-one summary of your pet’s progress. Drop-off day training program is priced at $500 for four sessions.
  • Group Classes: Our group classes are offered throughout the week during the evenings. The focus of our classes will be basic manners, obedience commands, improving engagement, and how to continue implementing this training at home. We ask that only one person actively works alongside your dog during class, but families are welcome to join and watch from the sidelines. Pricing starts at $30 per class, call for more information.
  • Private Lessons: Private one-on-one sessions with the trainer are an excellent opportunity to learn basic training and resolve specific behaviors while moving at your own pace and building a healthier relationship between you and your dog. Private lessons come in a package plan of four lessons, at a cost of $400. Private sessions can be held at our facility or in your home (travel fee may apply).
  • Virtual Lessons:Virtual dog training lessons are available via the online video platform, Zoom. This is a convenient option for those who live further away or prefer to train from the comfort of their own home. Zoom lessons come in a package plan of four lessons, at a cost of $300.

Puppy training Programs (up to 4 months old):

If you have a dog between 8-16 weeks old, we have a fantastic puppy training program for you to start your relationship off on the right paw! Each program comes with a puppy training guide. This guide provides all of the essential information for all puppy parents. We want to set you and your new puppy on the road to success, so never hesitate to ask us for help!

We start with fun and easy activities, while focusing on the basics and slowly move our way towards more advanced obedience exercises. We will give you a greater understanding of your role in your puppy’s behavioral cues and provide you with many practical applications on how to overcome them, turning them from potential negative experiences into a positive experience.

Doggy Days offers two programs for you and your new pup. Our day training program has playgroups to improve socialization while our SEL class focuses on building a healthier relationship between you and your puppy.

Puppies at this age need a bit of a different structure to their learning. We start it fun and easy, and focus on the basics… And slowly move our way towards some basic obedience and self-control exercises. To help keep owners on the right track, we offer two programs. You can do just one or both… Our programs are similar, but our day train has playgroups while our group class focuses on the puppy and owner focusing on each other.

  • Puppy Day Training: $160/four sessions
    Each day of this program consists of a carefully designed agenda to optimize your pup’s training including agility day, vet/groomer day, trick day, and mind your manners day. Each activity is designed to help your puppy learn how to overcome their fears, and understand how to better respond to these situations. Along with training exercises, your puppy will have a variety of experiences such as socializing during playgroups and many other fun activities. Upon pick-up, we will provide you with a report card highlighting your pup’s progress during the day. This package plan includes four sessions which can be used over the course of two weeks.
  • Puppy Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Class: $120/four sessions
    Social Emotional Learning is important in life, but not many people apply it to our dogs! The five main components of Social Emotional Learning are self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision making. It might seem intimidating to teach your puppy these concepts, but with Doggy Days taking the lead, we’ll guide you and your pet every step of the way.

    Puppy SEL Class is a 45 minute Saturday group class that has the puppy and owner working together on engaging with each other, participating in fun station activities, simple obedience, and improving emotional regulation. We ask that only one person actively works alongside your dog during class, but families are welcome to join and watch from the sidelines.

If you and your dog are ready for some positive changes in your life, please contact us at 224-814-4444 that we may assist you!

If you and your dog are ready for some positive changes in your life, please contact us at 224-814-4444 that we may assist you!