Luxury Doggy Boarding

Our 44 boarding suites are located in our main lobby room, where there is on-site supervision by our suites technician at all times overnight. These suites are equipped with fluffy blankets and luxury beds to provide a calm and relaxed vibe. They range in size from 4’x6’ to 4’x’8’ to allow for single dogs or multiple dogs of all sizes to be accommodated comfortably. During the night, soft calming music is played to help the dogs relax and sleep peacefully. If your dog requires to be taken out at night, our suites technician is there to take him or her out multiple times to use the bathroom and get some fresh air. While your dog is boarded here, we will do a daily comprehensive 5-point wellness check which will make you at ease knowing they are being cared for very meticulously.

Dog owners are welcome to bring their own suites toys and bedding, but we have tons on site! All of our bedding is washed and dried daily.

  • Ice Cream Treat: $2
    A delicious mid-day treat.
  • Turn down service: $5
    Storytime reading, biscuit at bedtime, and tuck-in by one of our loving staff members. We snuggle with your dog just before lights go out at night. There is a place like home!
  • Buddy Time: $15
    15 minutes of one-on-one playtime.
  • Rest and Relaxation Drops or Chews: $3
    A pharmacist recommended CBD hemp oil that promotes a calming effect and reduces stress.
  • Morning/Midday/Evening Stroll: $10
    10-minute walk, great for dogs with high energy. Delete frost paws and bedtime

Medication administration: We have best practices on medication administration for all our staff. Doggy Days is a pharmacist-owned business, so you can rest assured that all your pet’s medication, vitamins, and supplements are being administered on time and as directed. There is no extra charge for medication handling and administration.

Dog Boarding Pricing

(Full day of daycare included)
Luxury Suites (Standard Package) $55
Luxury Suites (Premium Package) $65
Suites Free Boarding $60
Discounted rates for multiple boarding days are available. 20% discount available for the second and past dogs booking two or more dogs.